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    <allredirects garcontinue="Coconuts_Musume.|10469" />
      <page pageid="2736" ns="0" title="BEAT CRUSADERS/Block Bastard" />
      <page pageid="2749" ns="0" title="BEAT CRUSADERS/Love Potion" />
      <page pageid="3191" ns="0" title="Le Couple/Wishes" />
      <page pageid="4587" ns="0" title="CHEMISTRY/Kimi wo Sagashiteta" />
      <page pageid="4588" ns="0" title="CHEMISTRY/Kimi wo Sagashiteta~The Wedding Song~" />
      <page pageid="5337" ns="0" title="Berryz Koubou/Nigiyaka na Fuyu" />
      <page pageid="8540" ns="0" title="B&#039;z/Out of the Rain" />
      <page pageid="10409" ns="0" title="COLOR/Lost Moments~Okiwasureta Jikan~" />
      <page pageid="10411" ns="0" title="COLOR/Kimi no Inai Michi" />
      <page pageid="10412" ns="0" title="COLOR/Namida ga Ochinai You ni" />