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How to Request

Requesting lyrics is easy. Just email me with a list of what songs you want, and tell me whether you want romaji and/or translation. I try to update once a month, and translation requests will generally be added in the order they're received. There is a limit of five songs per request.

If I cannot find Japanese lyrics for the song(s) requested, I will ask you to find me a site that has them or scans of the booklet. As a last resort I may be willing to translate from romaji or from an audio file. However, not everyone sings clearly enough to transcribe by ear.

Paying for Translations

All requests are free if you are willing to wait. However, even though there is usually not a long queue, the wait can still be a month or more due to me not having much free time to work on the site. If you would like your request translated faster, I am willing to do so for a fee. I generally charge $5 per song and payment can be made by Paypal. The time-frame for paid translations will usually be about a week or so, depending on how many songs you request and how busy I am.


Sometimes I make typos, or sometimes the artist sings something different than what's written in the lyrics, or they use an alternate reading for a kanji, etc. Some older songs that were translated when I was not yet fluent may have mistakes. If you notice anything that needs correcting, please tell me.

Requests Queue

Following is a list of requests in the order that I received them, which is also roughly the order I will work on them. The date at the top of each section is when I received the requests.

[ rec'd 1/26/24 ]
- Aikawa Nanase: Black Angel, Blue Knife, Girl Friend, Hi wo Tsukero Baby!!!, Lie Lie Lie, Midnight Blue, Motor Girl, R.U.O.K?!, Renai Taishitsu, Take Me Away, The End
- AYA a.k.a PANDA: Amaechatte Sorry
- BAND-MAID: Bye My Tears, Key, Page
- CHANMINA: Angel, Like This, Love Face, Never Grow Up, Over, Tokyo 4AM, Ur Like Me, You Just Walked in My Life
- DIR EN GREY: Conceived Sorrow, I'll, Jessica, Kuukoku no Kyouon, Macabre, Macabre-Sanagi no Yume wa Ageha no Hane-, Shokubeni
- Mr.FanTastiC: Of Course
- Shinnosuke: Pinky Ring, Sonna Mon Da
- Tani Yuuki: Freya

[ rec'd 2/10/24 ]
- BRADIO: Yume Miru Energy