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Amazing Kiss
Amazing Kiss (English Version)
Before You Said Goodbye to Me
Believe in Love (ravex feat. BoA)
The Christmas Song
Every Heart-English Version-
Flying Without Wings (Westlife feat. BoA)
ID; Peace B
Key of Heart
Key of Heart (English Ver.)
Kimochi wa Tsutawaru
Last Christmas
Listen to My Heart
Listen to My Heart (English Ver.)
Lose Your Mind feat. Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA
Love Letter
Make a Secret
Mamoritai~White Wishes~
Merry Chri
Outgrow~Ready Butterfly~
Possibility duet with Miura Daichi
Universe feat. Crystal Kay & VERBAL (m-flo)
Valenti~English Version~
Your Color

01. Valenti
02. Jewel Song
03. B.I.O
04. Sekai no Katasumi
05. Kiseki
06. Winding Road feat. DABO
07. Searching for Truth
08. Moon & Sunrise
09. Discovery
10. Flower
11. Beside You -Boku wo Yobu Koe-
12. Feel the Same
13. No. 1

Love & Honesty
01. Rock with You
02. Shine We Are!
03. Some Day One Day feat. VERBAL
04. Love & Honesty
05. Midnight Parade
06. Be the One
07. Expect
08. Over~Across the Time~
09. Kokoro no Tegami
10. Double
11. Easy to Be Hard
12. Song with No Name~Namae no Nai Uta~
13. Milky Way -Kimi no Uta-

01. I Did It for Love (feat. Sean Garrett)
02. Energetic
03. Did Ya
04. Look Who's Talking
05. Eat You Up
06. Obsessed
07. Touched
08. Scream
09. Girls on Top
10. Dress Off
11. Hypnotic Dance Floor

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